Humanscale Dolly Cart CPU holder Black

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Humanscale Dolly. Type: Cart CPU holder, Product colour: Black
The cleverly designed CPU Dolly automatically adjusts to CPUs of different sizes, and the optional pull handle makes moving hardware from one location to another a snap. The perfect choice for a stand-alone CPU holder, the CPU Dolly is a favorite among IT personnel for its convenience and ease of use.

- Adjustable base handle accommodates CPUs of any depth
- Rolls easily on four 2" double-wheel casters to facilitate access to cables, ports and drives
- Automatically adjusts to support CPUs 3.25" to 9" wide
- Dimensions: 8.5" x 15", Arm Height: 6.25"
- Adds 3.75" to height of installed CPU
- Made of powder-coated steel for strength and durability
- 15-year, 24/7 warranty
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