iiyama ProLite TF5538UHSC-W1AG touch screen monitor 3840 x 2160 pixels White Multi-touch Multi-user

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iiyama ProLite TF5538UHSC-W1AG. Display brightness: 500 cd/m², Display technology: IPS, Response time: 8 ms. Product colour: White, Housing material: Metal, Glass thickness: 4 mm. Touch technology: Multi-touch, Touchscreen technology: Projected capacitive system, Touchscreen type: Multi-user. Audio input: Mini jack, Audio output: Mini jack. Panel mounting interface: 600 x 400 mm, Placement supported: Horizontal/Vertical
The 4K UHD (3840x2160) Open Frame TF5538UHSC is the ideal interactive display solution for education, kiosks, interactive Digital Signage and in-store communications. The Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology with 12 touch points ensures a seamless and accurate touch response. Featuring a metal housing with 60950-1 ball-drop proof, scratch-resistant, edge-to-edge glass and an IPS panel; this display can be used in landscape, portrait and face-up orientation in the most demanding environments for maximum flexibility and accessibility. Either as a stand-alone wall mounted solution or built-in a desk or kiosk thanks to its Open Frame mounting holes.

Touch technology - Capacitive
This technology uses a sensor-grid of micro-fine wires integrated into the glass that covers the screen. Touch is detected because electrical characteristics of the sensor grid change when human finger is placed on the glass. Thanks to the glass overlay this technology is highly durable, and the touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. It offers perfect picture performance and will work with human finger (also latex gloved) and stylus-pen.

Open frame
Open frame monitors are an ideal solution for kiosk integrators and Instore Retail.

24/7 displays are designed for a continues operation.

AG Coating
The Anti Glare coating is used in professional-grade displays to help avoid issues with reflections and external light sources affecting colour reproduction, contrast and sharpness. It also makes the screen less susceptible to dust, grease and dirt marks.

Ball-drop-test proof
The ball-drop-test uses a half-kilo steel ball, which is dropped onto the touch screen from a height of 1.3 meter. If the touch screen surface remains unaffected, the monitor passes the ball-drop-test for high impact resistance and durability.
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